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Nice to know

(when you come with us on an excursion):

- If the weather permits it, we will make a swim stop on all excursions. Make sure you bring your swimming gear (including a towel) if you want a dip in the sea. 

We have masks and snorkels on board the catamaran in both kids and adults sizes to use for free.

We also have swimming vests in all sizes if you feel safer swimming in the water with this, just ask our crew on board when we stop to go swimming and snorkling.

- Food is included on all excursions. On our 3 hour excursions we serve a sandwich and on our 4,5 hour excursion we serve paella, a tradicional spanish rice-meal with either fish, seafood, meat or chicken. If you have any special dietary requirements ( vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose free, no fish etc.) please let us know in advance (minimum 24 hours before your excursion). You can call us directly on (+34) 922 78 68 14 to let us know, make sure you have either your reference number or booking number ready.

- During the excursion there is an open bar on the catamaran. We are happy to serve you soft drinks and water. If you are over 18 years old you can also enjoy a nice selction of wine, draft beer, cava ("spanish champagne") and home made sangria.

- It is a very good idea to wear and bring plenty of sun cream. The sun can be very strong at sea (because of the suns reflections in the water) and with just a tiny breeze you often don´t feel how strong the sun actually is. Sunglasses and a cap or sunhat is also a good idea.

- We mainly go out to see the whales and dolphins on our excursions. When we sail out from the port in Las Galletas we will always start our excurison by looking for these wonderful creatures. Our crew is specially trained to work in the natural habitat of the whales and dolphins, and will always try to take you to see them as close as possible without dirsturbing them. With a bit of luck we can even see sea turtles!

As is it nature we can not prepare the whales and dolphins for our visit and never be 100% sure to see them. But we are happy to inform you that we see whales or dolphins on 99% of our excursions - and if you are unlucky to be among the 1% who misses them, then we will take you sailing again for free any other day if you have booked directly with us either here or in our office in the port of Las Galletas.

- We can arrange for a free pick up if you are staying in the south of Tenerife. This will normally be arranged when you by the ticket, but if you buy here online we will need to confirm your pick up with you. This can either be done by phone (+34) 922 78 68 14 or by email to: minimum 24 hours before your excursion. Please note that we normally need a group of minimum 8 paying adults to do pick up from the north of Tenerife. See more details here.

- If you choose to come here on your own, we are quite easy to find. If you come by car on the highway take exit 69 and follow the signs to Las Galletas. Once you get to the village you can´t miss the port. Find a parking spot in the village or on the "dirt parking" just in front of the beach. At the time of writing, all parking in the village is free. Unfortunately it is not permitted to park on the pier. Then walk down the pier and come see us in the Mustcat Office in one of the blue houses situated between pontoon 2 and pontoon 3. Please be here half an hour before your sailing starts.

- Are you afraid of getting a bit seasick? Don't worry; as our boat is an open catamaran you will always see the horizon and feel the fresh air, which helps your body keeping stable and with a clear head - and also by having 2 pontoons the boat lays more stable in the water comparing to a boat with just one keel.

At the farmacy you can get tablets against travel sickness - just make sure to check with your doctor if you have any doubts about medicine/allergies etc.. Our crew can not give out any medicines - but will always help you in case you start feeling bad. Just let them know (seriously, don't keep it to yourself; and never ever go downstairs on the boat!), they are very kind and will look well after you.

- The boat has a capacity of 70 plus crew.

- There is a toilet on board. Stairs must be used to access the toilet.

- Clients can at any moment request a life jacket. A life jacket will also be given to those requesting it on our swim stop to use while in the water.

- There is a smoking area on the boat. Please respect the crews indications about smoking and never throw cigarettes or other trash into the sea. Use cups/bins provided on board.

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